How it Works

A document must go through a number of steps before being traditionally signed. However, the speed of signing a document can be increased with the correct technology, more precisely by using your electronic signature online. You can create your electronic signatures in our online signature generator tool by selecting the Type or Draw option.


Type Your Signatures

It’s quite simple to create your online signature by typing. You can choose from a variety of exquisite handwriting fonts and digitally type your signature with the help of a signature generator. You can change the colors and theme of your signature according to your preference.

Use the following steps to create your e-signature through the Type option.

1.Type your name in the space provided.


2.Go to the Font Tab and select the desired font from the drop down menu. There are many to choose from.


3.Select the Font Size.


4.Click on the color box and select the color of your signature.

5.You can set a background color from the Background option. By default, it is transparent.

After following the above steps, your electronic signatures are ready to be used. But there are two more options: Slope and Slant.

If you want to tilt your signatures at a certain angle, use the Slope slider. Slide it right or left to suit your desired angle. Your signature will appear as follows:


When you move the slider to the left


When you move the slider to the right


If you wish to lean your signatures forward or backward without changing the angle of the whole signature, use the Slant slider. Move the slider to the right or left to set the desired slant. Now your signature will become slanted like shown below.

Click on Download e-Signature and your online signature is ready.

download signature

Draw Your Signatures

Our online signature generator gives you the option to create your online signatures in your own handwriting by drawing them on the screen and saving them to be used later.

Click on the Draw option. A blank space will appear as shown in the image below.

real sig

Simply draw your signature on the black space using Touchpad or mouse. After you have drawn the signature, you can choose the color from the bar at the bottom of the blank space. If you want some other color that is not given in the bar, you can use the eyedropper tool to create your own color. There is an Undo and Delete option in case you want to change the drawn signatures.

After you have completed drawing your signatures, click on Download e-Signature, and your electronic signatures are ready to be used online.